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by Rex Stout (1962)
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Archie Goodwin, chapter 1, page 14 (Collins Crime Club: 1963)

“My memory is so good I’m practically a freak -”

Chapter 4, page 52

“Come, Fritz,” Wolfe said. “Take Archie’s chair. Your memory may not match his, but it will serve.”

“Yes, sir.” As Fritz moved he winked at me, and as I passed him I winked back.

Chapter 6, page 67

It’s more satisfactory to report a lot of conversation in the presence of someone who was in on it, just as a kid named Archie, years ago out in Ohio, got a bigger kick climbing to the top of a tree if a girl was there watching. Or fifteen or twenty girls.

Chapter 6, page 76

“Unh,” Wolfe said. “We’ll discuss it at lunch. There has been a development. Did Archie tell- ” He stopped short. He had thoughtlessly allowed himself to speak familiarly to a woman. He corrected it. “Did Mr Goodwin tell you that a policeman has been here? Inspector Cramer?”

Chapter 10, page 127

“Yes. Must you stay?”

“Oh, no. I’m staying because I like it here. Tell Fritz I may be there for breakfast and I may not.”

I hung up and took a couple of seconds to shake my head at the phone with my lips tight. Must I stay. Only a genius could ask such a damn fool question.

Alarm call, chapter 11, page 127

A couple of electricians had installed a juke box inside my skull, and they were still there, testing it to see how many selections it could play simultaneously. About a dozen, apparently, judging from the noise. Also they were jumping up and down to find out how much vibration it could stand. Or maybe it wasn’t a juke box, it was a band, and they were all jumping up and down.

Chapter 11, page 130

Wolfe’s shoulders went up an eighth of an inch. “As you please. I would return it.”


“As soon as Mr Goodwin makes a copy of it.”

Cramer looked at me. Apparently he decided that I would probably eat it, for he shook his head and said, “I’ll read it.”

Chapter 11, page 138

I was reminding myself of the one basic rule for experts on females: confine yourself absolutely to explaining why she did what she has already done because that will save the trouble of explaining why she didn’t do what you said she would.

Chapter 11, page 142

"Outside this house Mr Goodwin is me, in effect – if not my alter ego, my vicar.”

Chapter 14, page 175

To you that merely means that Wolfe had sense enough to change the schedule when it was called for, but to me it meant that at breakfast time he had taken it for granted that half an hour with [...] would be all I would need and I would have [...] at the office before two o’clock. It’s nice to have your gifts recognised, but some day he’ll take too much for granted.

Chapter 15, page 191

In writing these reports I try not to give the impression that I think I can see through solid doors or around corners. If I had a hunch at a certain point, as I do now and then, I usually omit it because I can’t expect you to take my word for it.

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