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a.k.a. The Three Coffins
by John Dickson Carr (1935)
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Dr. Fell in chapter 5

"[...] And the whole world goes skew-whiff because we like to pretend that people under twenty will never have any emotions, and people over forty never had. [...]" ¶



She had those decided manners which come in the early twenties from lack of experience and lack of opposition.


chapter 10

¶ Now there was something wrong here: and yet not wrong in the proper way. Rampole saw that Hadley shared his own irrational doubts. [...] And yet, for a reason he could not determine, Rampole was inclined to believe his story – or at least the man's own belief in his story. It might have been his complete (apparent) lack of shrewdness; his utter simplicity.


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