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Author:  petko [ Sat, 24 Mar 2007, 0:25 ]
Post subject:  memories

hallo Alex,

I enjoyed reading your presentation on Slovakia, both the personal and historic parts, and the pictures!

I was wondering if we ever met when I used to live in Slovakia (1994-99). If yes, forgive my poor memory :roll: With all my travelling since 2000, my brain cells start protesting when it comes to remember "old" names :oops: In any case, I have very fond memories of both the country and its people. Coming originally from Vienna/Dunaj, with Bohemian and Slovene roots, I can relate to your cosmopolitan identity as well. Austria may be germanic, but Vienna is more slavic, or slavo-germanic, even though all the (assimilated) Pospisils, Hrdlickas and Navratils may disagree :D same for Carinthia/Koroska; but don't mention this on the streets of Haidercity :D

Peter/Petko (Klagenfurt/Celovec)

Author:  Faterson [ Sat, 24 Mar 2007, 11:39 ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for the feedback, Peter/Petko :!:

I don't think we met in person, though my memory isn't very good either, unfortunately. :wink:

Tja, die Schule aus Bratislava, für die ich arbeite, hat an einem internationalen Projekt mit einer Schule aus Klagenfurt mitgewirkt, und eigentlich war vorgesehen, dass ich damals (vor ein paar Jahren) im Rahmen des Projekts nach Klagenfurt fahre, doch war ich zuletzt leider so beschäftigt, dass andere KollegInnen hingefahren sind. :? Natürlich wurde der berühmte Landeshauptmann bei Diskussionen mit unseren KollegInnen aus Klagenfurt immer wieder erwähnt. :roll:

I'll be transferring all guestbook entries from previous years from the spam-infested former guestbooks to these new ones. Of course, spam needs to be battled on a daily basis in this new guestbook version just the same as in the old version, but this time I think I'll prevail and spammers will ultimately lose. :D

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