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Previous, Content-Rich Version of This Webpage

Please visit the previous version of this webpage that talks in detail about the goals and intentions of this online Book of Quotations.

The contents of the former page will be transferred to this new version over time. In fact, since this is a wiki by now, you can transfer those contents yourself. Cool.gif Yes, I mean you who are reading these very lines right now. Wink.gif The site administrator tends to be an extremely busy person, you know, and so it may take many months or even a few years until this page is fully updated... Sad.gif

How Do I Create a New Webpage for Quotations on This Site?

Please visit this site's discussion forum to read detailed instructions on how to set up a new webpage for quotations. Setting up a new webpage on this site is just as easy as adding quotations to an already existing quotations webpage Excl.gif

If anything is still unclear for you, don't hesitate to ask. You can ask in the discussion forum itself – no registration necessary! Just press the Post Reply button at the top or bottom of the forum webpage, and you may submit your question anonymously if you wish. Or, simply send your question, comments or criticism via email to the site owner by writing to a@aboq.org.

If you encounter any issues while using this site – for example, your inability to contribute quotations here on the main site, or to submit posts in the associated forum – please just send an email to help@aboq.org so that your issue can be speedily resolved. (Your user account might initially be blocked due to spam protection.)

Copyright Protection on This Site

To read about this site's policies regarding copyright protection, please visit our special webpage dealing with the subject.