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List of Quoted Works

authors’ names beginning with “S”

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Gustav Sack

Saki   (1870–1916)

J. D. Salinger   (*1919)

William Saroyan   (1908–1981)

Július Satinský   (1941–2002)   [aka Julius Satinsky]

Dorothy L. Sayers   (1893–1957)

Paul Scheerbart

Friedrich von Schiller   (1759–1805)

Arno Schmidt   (1914–1979)

Rolf Schneider   (*1932)

Sascha Schneider   (1870–1927; siehe Kommentar)

Wolf Schneider   (*1925)

Arthur Schnitzler   (1862–1931)

Karl Schönherr   (1867–1943)

Arthur Schopenhauer   (1788–1860)

Robert Schuller   (*19..)

Anna Seghers   (1800–1983)

Judy & Jim Sellner

Seneca   (4? bce–65 ce)   [aka Lucius Annaeus Seneca the Younger; d. J., der Jüngere]

William Shakespeare   (1564–1616)

George Bernard Shaw   (1856–1950)

Irvin Shaw   (1913–1984)

Jane Smiley   (*1949)

Logan Pearsall Smith   (1865–1946)

Socrates   (470–399 bce)   [aka Sokrates, Socrate]

Steve Solomon   (*19..; see author’s homepage)

Anton Srholec   (*19..)

Wilbur Daniel Steele   (1886–1970)

Wallace Stegner   (1909–1993)

John Steinbeck   (1902–1968)

Stanislav Štepka   (*1944)

Carl Sternheim   (1878–1942)

Robert Louis Stevenson   (1850–1894)

Hans Joachim Störig

  Rex Stout   (1886–1975; view special bio page [100 KB])

August Stramm   (1874–1915)

Erwin Strittmatter   (1912–19..)

William Strunk Jr.   (18..–19..)

Ján Sucháň   (*19..)

Hermann Sudermann   (1857–1928)

Jonathan Swift   (1667–1745)

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