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Agatha Christie (1890–1976) is an English writer of classic mysteries published between 1920s and 1970s. She is widely considered to be the greatest master of the detective genre. This Book of Quotations will devote a separate quotations webpage to each Agatha Christie volume.

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Here is a list of collections of Agatha Christie quotations already available in this Book of Quotations:

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Here is a list of 5-minute reviews of Agatha Christie books, along with ratings, already available on this site:

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Visit this site's Agatha Christie discussion forum at Every Agatha Christie book will receive its own discussion thread in the forum.

Feel free to join the discussions at any time. You can do so fully anonymously, as no registration or log-in is required to contribute to the Agatha Christie discussion forum.

Threads for some of the Agatha Christie volumes have already been started. See the small discuss links next to the book titles above. Simply click on any of these discuss links to visit the discussion forum thread for that particular book. However, discussing Agatha Christie's biography is equally appropriate in the forum. Plus, setting up highly specialized and dedicated discussion threads is also possible, examining a particular aspect of or character featured in her literary work.
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Join ReadingChristie, an email discussion group. On the title webpage, the group description says: This group is for reading and analyzing the novels and stories of Agatha Christie. We plan to read the books in order of publication, and hope to be able to discuss her growth as an author, as well as compare her with other writers of her era.

To subscribe, simply send an empty email to the address:, then hit Reply to the confirmation message you receive from the server, and you're one of the group!

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