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This online, advertisement-free and entirely non-profit Book of Quotations fully respects the copyrights of the authors of the original literary, film, etc. works from which outstanding, brief excerpts are quoted in this Book of Quotations with the sole purpose to advertize and promote those outstanding literary, film, etc. works in their entirety.

It is the sincere hope and belief of the site administrator(s) and contributors that reading great quotations from such works will motivate site visitors to go ahead and, ideally, purchase the work from which the brief quotations were taken.

The authors of the original quotations presented on these webpages retain the full copyrights to their creations and all parts of them. No quotation must ever be presented on these webpages without it being clearly attributed to its original author (whenever he or she is known) and without clearly stating the source (whenever it is known) from which the quotation is taken. Modifying the wording of an original quotation while purporting the quotation to be from the original author, or from any other author, is strongly prohibited.

Excl.gif Therefore, let us fully respect the copyright laws while contributing to this Book of Quotations Excl.gif

Whenever you contribute a quotation, please only quote as much as is relevant and necessary, so that at all times, fair use is unquestionable: preferably very brief excerpts (= snippets) illustrating / analyzing the qualities of the work from which you are quoting. You are encouraged to comment on the quotations you submit, and (if you wish) analyze them to death by means of footnotes. Any longer passages, that you are expressly discouraged (though not unequivocally forbidden) to post, would have to be thoroughly analyzed in a literary scholar's fashion by means of footnotes and/or extended comments, either directly on the quotations page or in this site's associated discussion forum.