Three Bullets

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Three Bullets.jpg
by Alan Vanneman (2008)
About Three Bullets

Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin are ageless, as all fans of the classic, 47-volume mystery series by Rex Stout well know. The age of the two principal characters (and the rest of the regular cast) never changes, while five decades (1930s to 1970s) pass outside the Brownstone – Nero Wolfe's Manhattan abode.

In this fan-fiction triplet of novelettes by Alan Vanneman (a published author of two novel-length Sherlock Holmes pastiches), we can for the first time experience Wolfe and Archie in action in the 21st century, in post-911 New York.

To emphasize the characters' agelessness, there is an ingenious twist in the threesome: the first story takes place in the original Nero Wolfe time-line, in 1935 (soon after the opening Wolfe & Archie adventure, Fer-de-Lance of 1934), while in the second and third story, we jump straight into our present-day digital/online era.

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