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by Alan Vanneman (2014)
About Vorak of Kolnap

A World of Mung. That’s what they called Kolnap, a sorry sack of methane mush, the least glorious posting in the entire Nardan Confederation, a good thirty years’ freeze from the nearest “civilized” planet. Careers were lost on Kolnap, not made, until one cockroach had the courage to make a difference, had the abdomen to stand up and join claws across the species, daring the embrace of the temptress grasshopper Nayluu and building an alliance with his ant sergeant, Orkan. Together they rewrote the history of Kolnap, a history forged in the soul of the roach of roaches, the roach they called “Vorak of Kolnap”.

Vorak of Kolnap is a complete sci-fi novel by Alan Vanneman.

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