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Image:B-m.gif anonymous – (70?) Gospel of Mark   {WP} 20120112
Image:A-p.gif anonymous – (<100) Gospel of Matthew   {WP} 200.....


Image:E--.gif Jack Canfield {WP} – (2005) The Success Principles   {Am} 20130222
Image:C--.gif Agatha Christie {WP} – (1928) The Mystery of the Blue Train   {WP} 20080104


Image:A--.gif René Goscinny {WP} & Albert Uderzo {WP} – (1961) Astérix le Gaulois   {cmx-srt / WP} 20080107
Image:C-p.gif René Goscinny {WP} & Albert Uderzo {WP} – (1962) La Serpe d'or   {cmx-srt / WP} 20080901


Image:C-p.gif Hermann Hesse {WP} – (1927) Der Steppenwolf   {WP} 20080702


Image:A-p.gif Jan Amos Komenský {WP} – (1631/1663) Labyrint světa a ráj srdce   {WP} 20120106


Image:A-p.gif Jack London {WP} – (1909) Martin Eden   {WP}   {restore lost quotes} 20080901


Image:D-m.gif Henry Miller {WP} – (1934) Tropic of Cancer   {WP} 20130616

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